Walking Security

CENTR GROUP, a.s., Would Like to Introduce Its Walking Security Project

Based on our experience with this service abroad, our firm has introduced its first Walking Security zone in the sought after area of Pařížská street in Prague 1. Our decision to modify the overall services we offer was inspired by the fact that we wanted to improve our services for the multiple clients for whom we ensure security in this area.

Walking Security is a reaction to the increase seen in overall criminal activity, the increased movement of criminal elements in our society, as well as in pickpockets and drug-addicts in our midst and in stores.

Among others, the project cooperates in their activities with the sercurity forces of the Czech National Police and the Prague City Police – with the desired effect being that the whole area is now safer and more secure.

Walking Security Parameters

In the area being watched, uniformed CENTR GROUP, a.s. security guards patrol the area and are always at their client’s disposal. At any given time, a patrolling guard is either directly in the store, or can be found nearby securing the general environs. Each client has a panic button on their premises, and can be utilitzed to alert the guard to come to the their premises immediately.

What Are the Advantages of this Service?

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of the Walking Service is the speed with which guards can be summoned to the premises (if they’re not already there). Thanks to the non-stop presence of our guards in the area, we guarantee to carry out an interevention within 90 seconds of receiving the emergency signal.

And above and beyond that, we even make it possible for clients to call a guard even before an incident occurs. In addition, by their very presence, walking security guards act as a preventive measure, keeping the area safe – through their visibility they help repel petty criminal elements and other perpetrators. The walking security guards also can draw attention to inappropriate behaviour that can threaten shoppers, tourists, and other customers - helping keep clients and customers of the area safe. Our walking security guards can even summon the Local or State Police at any time.

Another security option available to our customers is to be connected to our Central Security Desk, which means non-stop monitoring of your building or space, even after work-hours.

In the case that your store is equipped with a camera system, we can arrange that the video footage is redirected to our Central Security Desk. When an increased number of customers is detected, our Central Security Desk officer preventively notifies a Walking Security Guard to move to a position in the close vicinity of the store in question, making him available for a quick response if the need arises.

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