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Probably all of you would like to control events in your own company. And even in the late night or when you spend a holiday abroad. However, this burden should not stay on you. You can entrust the professionals, for which the safeguarding of premises and property protection is their daily routine – and these are

The professionals of Centr Group!

Our operational center CENTR GROUP is equipped with the latest technologies for monitoring objects 1box ® PCO from Czech NAM systém company.

It is a comprehensive system for electronic surveillance of buildings meeting the most stringent requirements of European standards for monitoring objects. The system is also approved by the Directorate of Fire Rescue Service.

The foundation of our centralized console (ARC) is a specialized powerful hardware and software that is integrated into one functional unit called 1box ® PCO.

To ensure trouble-free operation each element of technology 1box PCO is monitored by special software that in any critical condition informs our IT specialists. To ensure the highest level of reliability, the status of technology 1box ® PCO in parallel is also overseen by specialists of the manufacturer.

1box ® PCO is equipped with a comprehensive backup and data security.

With technology 1box ® PCO we in our operational center may connect virtually any object equipped with an electronic security system (ESS) or electric fire alarm system (EPS). We are also able to connect to the selected IP cameras on the property for video verification of alarm conditions.

Connection of objects is possible with all currently available communication routes or through a combination of many kinds of professional communicators.

Data transfer from the protected object is permanently controlled and secured against failure or attack by potential offenders.

In dispatching application 1box ® PCO the dispatcher of operational center has all the information about the state of guarded objects, about all incoming messages, and has here also procedures for dealing with incidents on the premises. The dispatcher dispatches alarms in the so-called alarm events, which enable simultaneous solutions to several dozen active alarm incidents.

All dispatcher's activities are recorded and his communication with others is recorded and stored for alarm events.

1box ® PCO also allows to electronically transmit information about the object directly into the navigation systems in emergency vehicles and the dispatcher is shown online information about their location and condition.

Thus, a functioning centralized protection desk (PCO) can continue to innovate and expand by the appropriate and desirable upgrades. Moreover, in accordance with our internal security rules, we regularly perform system backup, thus we prevent loss of client's data.

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